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Our range of awesome scooters is designed and manufactured using state of the art technology. Running an electric scooter is exceptionally cheap, just recharge your battery and go.

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WEPED is a Korean company that specializes in tunable electric scooters, bringing unique and personalized options to the market since 2014.

Looks aren’t the only thing on offer here, because these scooters have lots of power too. Most of the time, lots of power correlates to better acceleration than higher top speed; and these babies can propel you up to 50mph in record time. 


Why Walk When You Can Glide?

Electric scooters are becoming the new face of modern transport and are already becoming a part of the landscape in cities around the world. 

Aside from being great fun to ride, and pretty awesome to look at, electric scooters come with a long list of benefits that everyone can enjoy.

DIRT-E Scooters is a leading UK supplier of electric scooters based in Cheshire. We work directly with top brands and manufactures, guaranteeing our customers high-quality products at the best possible prices. 

E-Scooter Safety

Your Safety Matters.

Rider safety is our top priority, and we, therefore, offer a reasonably-priced repair and upgrade service to help you keep your scooter in top condition. Our experienced team has the knowledge and know-how to fix up your scooter and get you back on board in no time.  

With DIRT-E Scooters, you will find the best range  of electric scooters, scooter parts, batteries and accessories in the world — right on your doorstep, and at incredible prices.

Eco-Friendly Electric Scooters

You can’t talk about electric scooters without mentioning their environmentally-friendly properties. 

Reduce your carbon footprint by making the switch to an electric scooter. 

They only require a small amount of electricity to charge and do not emit any emissions. They are the answer to improved air quality in our cities as well as drastically reducing noise pollution too.


Body Balance

Electric scooters help us to combat our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. They will never replace the benefits of a full-body workout, but, riding an electric scooter will activate your core and improve your balance. It is a great way to switch up being stuck on a train going home to a commute that gets you on your feet and in the fresh air.

Electric scooters are also  perhaps the most portable mode of transport there is! Light and foldable, they are less bulky than folding bikes and make it easier for them to become a part of your daily commute. 


Free delivery to UK Mainland.


All our electric scooters come with 1 years UK warranty.


Prices shown are for the top spec of each scooter.


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