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5 Tips for Buying an E-Scooter

You may be wondering how buying an e-scooter is a challenge. But in actual fact, there are several determining factors that can help you make the best decision when choosing the right electric scooter for your wants and needs.

Whether you have a strict price guideline or simply need a wide range when scootering long distances, this article can help you figure out what scooter is best suited to you. Today we’re here to give you a rundown of five top tips to assist you in buying your ideal e-scooter. With our expertise in the field, our electric scooter buying guide in the UK can help you make this important purchase decision.

The Weight

First and foremost in our electric scooter buying guide for the UK, you need to figure out how much weight you’re able to manage when purchasing an electric scooter. An e-scooter isn’t the typical two-wheeled carrier that you buy your kids; instead, an electric scooter can weigh over 11kg, especially if they have a decent range.

Electric scooters for adults that exceed this weight and are scaled at above 14kg, these will be significantly harder to carry for long periods of time. You can opt for a handle or shoulder strap to help you manage the weight, or you may find that your scooter can be reduced like our MAIKE KK10S 11″ with folded dimensions of 130×33×59CM. 

The weight and size of your e-scooter are essential for transporting purposes. You need to ensure that you’re buying a scooter that’s realistic in managing, in all areas. Will their be stairs involved when on the go? Are you able to lift your scooter?

While recreational joyriding and establishing a new hobby can mean that your scooter’s weight and portability isn’t necessarily a vital factor, it is still something to consider if this will be used regularly. Also, an electric scooter isn’t recommended in heavy weather conditions such as snow, fog, and torrential rain.

The Speed

You may want a wide-ranging e-scooter where the battery lasts a long time, but you also need to decide on your desired speed. One of our best electric scooters for adults is the MAIKE X8; this electric scooter has a speed limit of 18mph which is fantastic if you’re being introduced to e-scootering. This may sound slow, but the feeling of driving an electric scooter compared to a car is a different sensation due to the tires and acceleration.

On the other hand, if you’re fully-confident and an adrenaline junkie, you’re most likely going to want an extreme performing scooter like our WEPED FF, deemed one of the best electric scooters in 2020.

Rider Weight

Next in our electric scooter buying guide for the UK, you need to make sure you are suitable for this transport. When purchasing an electric scooter, you need to identify if it is designed to hold your weight. The max rider or max load is the weight limit for all electric scooters. Usually, this can range from 100kg to 120kg, so if you weigh more than this, it is advised that you speak to one of our salespeople before purchasing as they will know which scooters are best suited to your weight.

Please note, exceeding the weight limit on a scooter can compromise your safety. Also, if you weigh the same as the limit of your e-scooter, chances are your driving experience will be slower compared to a lighter rider. Extra baggage can also determine the weight. If you do weigh above 100kgs, always focus on 500-watt motor electric scooters such as our MAIKE SGT.

Scooter Suspension

Next on our electric scooter guide is the suspension. Just like a car, you want to minimise the impacts of bumps on the surface so that you’re guaranteed quality riding. If your e-scooter doesn’t have good suspension and solid tyres, you will feel every crack.

We recommend looking out for spring, hydraulic, rubber or air piston suspension. This suspension is usually found on the front, rear, or wheels to give you a smooth riding experience.  For our electric scooter buying guide in the UK, we recommend our MAIKE MK8 with front hydraulic suspension.

Motor Quality

Last but not least, we recommend a good quality motor on our electric scooter buying guide from the UK. Whether you’re buying a used electric scooter or a brand new one, ensuring that the motor is suitable for its use is essential. 

Most adult electric scooters have hub motors that are positioned in the wheels. For the more powerful e-scooters, they will usually have dual motors. The motor is determined on the scooter’s power consumption, expressed in watts as previously mentioned.

The higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor. For an average budget, we’d recommend the MAIKE X8 for an introductory scooter. Opposingly, we’d suggest the MAIKE KK4S with a whopping 3200W motor for leisurely use. Please remember that your location will also determine the watt size that you’ll need. If there are high inclines in your area, you may need to upscale on your motor size for a more powerful lift.

Has our electric scooter buying guide from the UK been helpful? This is only a handful of elements to consider when making this investment; you also have the lighting, tyres and brakes to think about too. That’s why we recommend that you get in touch with our customer support on 0151 662 0231 that’s open Monday-Saturday between 9 & 5 to discuss further.

Here at Dirt-E Scooters, we understand that getting this purchase right is imperative. That’s why we are confident that our skills and knowledge of electric scootering can help you make the right decision. We pride ourselves in always going the extra mile in our service, and are always happy to help so please get in touch if you have any questions such as ‘should I buy an electric scooter in the UK?‘.

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