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About Dirt-E Scooters

Dirt-E Scooters was founded by like-minded people, a group of passionate individuals who love nothing more than getting out in the open countryside.

About Us

DIRT-E Scooters was founded by a group of like-minded and passionate individuals who love nothing more than getting out in the open countryside. What started as a love for electric bikes soon changed when we discovered electric scooters! 

We decided that our newfound love for e-scooters had to be shared! Everyone should have the opportunity to explore the versatility and sheer fun of electric scooters while making practical steps closer to a greener future. 

After months of research, it soon became apparent that the UK was really missing out. It was virtually impossible to find a UK-based supplier who could provide quality scooters at an affordable price. For more people to be introduced to electric scooters, they would need to commit to overseas sellers and take into consideration the additional costs of shipping and taxes. It could get expensive very quickly!

So together we made a decision. We were going to create a dependable UK-based supplier of the best electric scooters, scooter parts, batteries and accessories on the worldwide market. 

And, DIRT-E Scooters was born!

At DIRT-E Scooters, we ensure a seamless purchasing process of high-quality electric scooters, parts and accessories. With our expert team on hand to offer you any help and advice along the way, you can purchase your dream scooter with confidence. 

All our scooters come with a one year warranty, and we have worked to ensure that every product is also covered by a manufacturer warranty, taking away all the hassle for you. 

Take a look at our range of scooters and product, and please get in touch if you would like any help or have any questions.

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