Are Electric Scooters the Future for Commuting?
Are Electric Scooters the Future for Commuting

Are Electric Scooters the Future for Commuting?

Current rules and regulations mean that privately-owned electric scooters are banned on UK public roads, cycle lanes and footpaths. However, all is not lost! The UK Government is trialling e-scooters across the country to understand if and how they can be used safely in our everyday commutes.

We believe that E-scooters are the future of commuting. Last November, a large retailer announced that they had seen an increase of 184% in sales. These sales are expected to skyrocket more if the law were to change as there would be a ‘huge increase in demand’. Even though trials have not ended, and some have not yet begun, commuting benefits cannot be underestimated in any way.

A Greener Form of Transportation

If you have ever travelled to work before, you must be aware of the sheer magnitude of cars on the roads. Petrol cars in the UK produce the equivalent of 180g of CO2 every kilometre, while diesel cars produce 173g of CO2 per kilometre. In fact, cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes account for nearly three-quarters of the greenhouse gas emissions in transport. The current environmental situation we are under is not good enough. We are all actively contributing to the planet’s demise.

We can easily cut down on these emissions by simply switching to electric transport. E-scooters produce far less pollution than that of a car, and renewable energy can be used to power them. On the other hand, cars do not use renewable forms of energy unless they are specifically electric. Even factoring in an e-scooter’s production, a car still damages the environment on a larger scale.

The UK Government is also looking to stop the sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 in a bid to hit net-zero. With e-scooters on the rise and their introduction into cities by way of trials, it will only be a matter of time before these green forms of transport are on our public roads.

E-scooters are Convenient

Ever found it difficult to travel to work? Getting the bus takes a lot of time waiting, not to mention there are often delays that are out of our control. And, taking the car on a short journey should be avoided to reduce our effect on the environment. Walking is not always a viable option as not everyone has the luxury of time to spare, and walking becomes a chore if you ever need to carry things with you. That is where an electric scooter comes in handy to save you the hassle.

Two wheels can be better than four. Simply jumping on and powering up an electric scooter is a lot easier than booting up a car. Having a car or train for long journeys should always be considered, but for short trips, you can always rely on an e-scooter. To get from point A to point B, all you have to do is get on and get off. No need to waste time finding a parking space too! You can simply fold the e-scooter up and lock it up somewhere safe.

There are also no issues when it comes to maintenance as electric scooters are easy to handle. All you have to do is make sure that the battery is fully topped up and the tyres are in good condition before any commute. However, with a car, you have to worry about fluid levels, petrol, tyres, battery, brakes, suspension, etc. There are so many more components that need care.

And, with our 12-month warranty here at Dirt-E Scooters, there is no need to worry! All the scooters we sell come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We have teamed up with our manufacturers; we take the hassle out of the process and deal with any warranty in-house right here in the UK. Find out more about the repairs we offer.

Trusty Performance for Commuting

E-scooters are incredibly easy to handle and are reliable in performance. There is no need to think about shifting gears or worry about maintaining a certain speed. With the government trials, you will be limited to 15.5mph. By focusing on acceleration, braking and handling, you will be feeling more and more confident about your riding ability as time goes by.

The e-scooter will also help with your balance due to the way they are built. Think less about a bike and more about a motorbike. It is the same principle as with a scooter and e-scooter. It should take no time at all to learn how to ride one. Anyone can become a pro just as they would when learning how to ride a bike. Getting used to the speed will help when it comes to the commute.

It should not take too long to get to the final destination on your commute – even with the capped speed limit. It will also feel smooth, and you will not break a sweat compared to a bike ride. If a pedestrian or group is halting your path, simply jump off and walk until they pass! Knowing where you are comfortable with riding will add to your overall experience.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Electric scooters can be bought at various different price points, but with the government limiting their speed on UK public roads, there will be less use for a more powerful motor if you are only interested in commuting. Less power essentially equals less cost. For those on a budget, an electric scooter is far cheaper when compared with a car. There is no insurance needed for an e-scooter either, which is a massive plus.

Imagine crashing your car or even having it damaged in any way, shape or form. All of it tallies up over time – something you will never experience with an e-scooter. Of course, some of the parts may need replacing after a while, but for the most part, you will never need to fork out for high extra costs. Fuel is also expensive nowadays, whereas a battery needs only charging at home.

Although speeds are being capped on the roads, privately owned scooters can provide you with the best of both worlds when they are eventually allowed on public roads. You could go from the low legal speeds on the road to much higher speeds off the road. Having the option to do so would present you with the tough decision to go for a standard e-scooter or a more powerful one. Whatever the case may be, it is always useful to have the option on standby if needed.

Safe and Secure in Many Ways

When talking about safety, we must all take into account the fact that all modes of transport are unsafe to a degree. Both the driver of a vehicle and a pedestrian could be in danger if it is a car, bike, e-scooter or whatever else it may be. E-scooters have been getting a bad rep in the press as they have been largely unregulated by the government until the trials were put in place. 

It also depends on the rider. Being a safe and responsible rider of an e-scooter – travelling at sensible speeds, wearing protective gear, watching out for pedestrians – is what separates the good from the bad. As the government takes note following the end of the trials, they must take forth the rules currently being seen – such as a driver’s license being needed, protective gear etc.

E-scooter learning courses are being implemented within the trials, too, it has been reported. With more recognition and time, e-scooters will start to become as common as a bike or a car in our everyday commutes. E-scooters are the future.

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