Off-Road Electric Scooter: Here’s What You Should Know.
Off-Road Electric Scooter Here's What You Should Know.

Off-Road Electric Scooter: Here’s What You Should Know.

The demand for electric scooters has risen astronomically since last year. Their popularity has soared, with sales rising by 71% after the announcement of the second lockdown. And, with e-scooter trials being regularly held in multiple cities across the country, they are steadily growing in popularity. The UK will even see more e-scooters on the roads, as London is set to launch another trial this month. But, despite all this, electric scooters are not to be used on UK public roads, cycle lanes or footpaths as it is illegal to do so. So, for the moment, we are only allowed to use them for off-roading.

Although their initial use is for getting people from A to B, electric scooters are also good vehicles for people to have fun with – just like a skateboard or even a regular, old scooter. You can jump on your board and ride at high speeds with the wind in your face: a great way to feel free and exhilarated. What’s more, there are electric scooters specifically designed for off-road use, perfect for whizzing around on private land.

If you are looking to buy one, then here is what you should know before making that purchase.


For the best off-road experience, it is recommended that you first do your research on which e-scooter is suitable for the job. Quality is always reflected in the price: the higher something is, the better it is. That is no exception when it comes to off-road e-scooters either. Look at the materials one model uses over the other, then compare and contrast until you are certain it can take the pressures that off-roading will exert.

Look at the build and how it is structured. For example, the BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport 72V has a strong shape, sturdy base, and is connected with solid parts. Its 6061-T6 Aviation Aluminium Forging Alloy, carbon fibre, and polypropylene frame also mean it can withstand any possible damage that may be inflicted upon it when riding on rough terrain. Its hefty wheels will also keep you balanced even when travelling along rough roads or traversing rocky hillsides. Bronco designs their e-scooter with off-roading as their primary target. They will have tested the product when it was in early development, so you know it will make for a good buy.

More quality in a product means a better life cycle, so buying from a reliable brand is critical.

Wheels and tyres

The next parts to note are the tools that take the most battering from off-road usage – wheels and tyres. You can never know what the terrain below may hide when travelling at 50, 70 or even 90kph, so be safe and pick yourself up an e-scooter with durable wheels/tyres. In adverse weather conditions, which is more often than not a regular occurrence in the UK, a slippery surface could put yourself and others in danger if you were to lose control of your vehicle.

Make sure then that the tyres are thick, have impeccable grip and excellent shock absorption. Stones and thorns can put a dent in most tyres, but you are best looking for those built to deflect these objects from penetrating their surface. We recommend you stick with wheels included with your model of e-scooter and buy a spare tyre or two just in case something goes wrong.

Check out the off-road tyres we sell and compare them with the on-road tyres. The off-road tyres are built to withstand anything thrown at them! Compared to on-road tyres, which focus on making it easier to ride your e-scooter on smoother surfaces such as roads.

Battery life

Imagine taking your electric scooter out for a spin and the battery running out halfway through. Not good, is it? Off-road e-scooters need long battery life to cope with the terrain and length of your ride.

When going for a ride, it is easy to get lost in the moment, enjoying yourself. Making sure you can complete that ride without straining the battery at all is the best thing to do. No one wants to be stopped abruptly because of an oversight when buying the product in the first place. Carefully shop around for your needs and wants before making a decision.

The WEPED FF offers almost double the mile coverage than that of the WEPED SMax, for example, but both are suitable for covering many miles. It is entirely up to you which will run for the most appropriate amount of time. The longer, the better we say, but you may think differently.

Have a browse through our stock and compare all the batteries each model has. You should notice that the e-scooters with longer battery life are built specifically for off-road usage, whilst those with less battery life are made more for everyday usage.


Electric scooters have hub motors built into either one or both wheels. The least powerful models usually have one built-in, whilst the more powerful ones have two. If you are looking to take your e-scooter off-road, you must consider the wattage since this will determine the electric scooter’s speed. The more powerful, the better, we say. When shopping with us, you will be pleased to know that none of our e-scooters drops below 250W as we have taken into consideration the current UK laws surrounding their usage. 

When considering the most critical components for off-road electric scooters, it is vital to prioritise the motor’s power as it is essential for climbing hills and getting through rough terrain. A WEPED Fold will be a much better bet for this type of activity than that of a MAIKE X8 as the wattage difference is too much to ignore. The MAIKE X8 at 350W is good enough to be used off-road but will struggle more than a WEPED Fold at 3,600W. You could essentially put yourself in danger if you were to use an inferior motor 250W or less.

Weight and portability

Finally, we urge you to think about the different weight considerations – both the max load size and product weight – as well as how convenient the e-scooter is to transport from A to B.

When off-roading, you will be tasked with first loading the e-scooter in and out of the car. This can be taxing as some models are heavier than others, so make sure you can manage the weight. However, if you cannot, then perhaps think about picking up a front lifting handlebar to make it much easier to load into your car. The WEPED front lifting handlebar is a perfect example. It is especially useful when you have been riding all day and don’t have the energy to haul your e-scooter back into your car.

An e-scooter that can fold is an excellent asset for portability too. The folding feature makes it ten times easier to store in your car boot. Be sure to know if the e-scooter you are buying can even be transported in the first place as quite many models do not give you the convenience of folding.

Once you have taken all of these factors into consideration, you should be good to go for off-roading. It is always an exhilarating experience, so make sure you are wised up on everything related to going off-road before taking that brand new e-scooter out for its first spin!

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