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Electric Scooters: A Beginner's Guide

Electric Scooters: A Beginner’s Guide

Electric scooters are revolutionising urban travel. In cities all over the world, they are becoming an increasingly common sight. 

E-scooters are a great way to get outdoors and inject some more fun into your day! Get the wind in your hair, and feel your worries blow away. Whether you’re commuting from A to B or enjoying some time out, hopping on your board will improve your mood and leave you feeling fresh.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to an electric scooter, here is all you need to know to before you purchase your e-scooter, and we’ve thrown in our top tips on how to keep it running for years.

Charging the Battery

For you to get the most out of your electric scooter, the trick is to charge the battery often. With your battery life at 100%, you’ll be able to use your scooter without any worry of running out of juice. You can either charge it back up to maximum after every ride or get into the habit of plugging it in every couple of days.

Regular charging will also help to extend the life of the battery; making it less likely for you to have to invest in a replacement. Whether your scooter requires a lithium-ion battery or sealed lead acid battery, a battery will only last for a set number of charging cycles. A single charging cycle refers to the time taken for the battery to be drained and then charged back up to 100%.

Draining your scooter’s battery often will start to affect the battery’s ability to hold its charge, and this will begin to impact your electric scooter’s range. 

If you keep on top of charging your electric scooter, plugging it in and topping the battery back up to 100% after each ride, you’ll extend the charge capacity for at least a few more years. 

Keep it Clean

The more measures you take to take care of your electric scooter, the longer your scooter will last. And, a clean scooter is a happy one! It is essential, therefore, that you give your scooter a good clean every so often, taking extra attention to ensure the moving components are clear. 

Long-term exposure to dirt and dust can cause your scooter’s parts, joints and seals to wear down at a faster rate. Using a damp cloth helps to avoid a build-up of grime and keep all the mechanisms in their prime working condition.

Make sure you don’t use too move water when cleaning your electric scooter! Avoid hosing your e-scooter down or using buckets of water. A damp cloth is, therefore, sufficient and will significantly avoid the risk of any water seeping inside and voiding the warranty.

A Well-Oiled Machine

It is also recommended to maintain your scooter by ensuring all the joints and parts are kept well-lubricated. Without lubrication, these parts will scrape against each other, causing severe damage after a few rides.

It is good practice to inspect the mechanism and all the scooter’s joints once a month. If parts of your motor start to grind, it is best to make an appointment with an experienced technician who can make the repairs for you.

Don’t forget the Tire Pressure.

Similar to when you go for a cycle, you should always check the tire pressure before every ride. 

Your tires are incredibly important; they are your only point of contact between you and the ground. Checking your tires are at their optimal pressure will not only provide your scooter with a good level of grip; but, also helps create better puncture resistance and provide your electric scooter with an extended range.

Check Your Brakes

Even more important than your tire pressure is your e-scooter’s brakes. It is vital you check your brakes every week, not forgetting to give the brake pads, discs and rotors a once over for any signs of wear and tear. 

If the components look worn, you must get them replaced. At DIRT-E Scooters we have a wide range of scooter parts on offer. When you are selecting your replacement brake systems, double-check that you have chosen the correct size and style. A brake system designed for an electric bike will not be sufficient for your e-scooter.

It is also highly recommended to inspect your scooter’s cables for wear and tear regularly, and to tighten any loose bolts before every ride; loose bolts or damaged threading can threaten the integrity of your e-scooter.

Annual Inspections

Scheduling an annual inspection will help you to get on top of the maintenance of your electric scooter. Just like you would for a car or bike, getting your e-scooter serviced is no different.

An electric scooter is the same as any mechanical object; its mechanisms and inner workings are subject to wear and tear, and being out in the elements only makes an annual inspection more necessary. 

We recommend that your scooter is at least booked in for a service with a product specialist every six months to a year, depending on how frequently you are using your electric scooter and the distances you are travelling. By doing so, any broader maintenance issues can be monitored, and your scooter is less likely to breakdown. 

At DIRT-E Scooters, we offer a reasonably-priced repair and upgrade service. Our experts are on hand to get your scooter back to its prime working condition, upgrading any parts which are hindering your ride experience. 

DIRT-E Scooters

Are you looking to purchase your first electric scooter? Then you have come to the right place! DIRT-E Scooters is a leading UK supplier of electric scooters based in Cheshire. We work with top brands and manufactures, offering an incredible choice of the best electric scooters.

Even if you’re looking to upgrade your older model, we have a great selection of scooters to suit everyone’s needs. Explore our range today!

If you would like more information about DIRT-E Scooters and the scooters we offer, check out our list of frequently asked questions for fast answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us today to speak to our friendly team.

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