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Electric Scooters Not just for kids!

Electric Scooters: Not Just For Kids!

Many people out there perceive electric scooters in a much different light compared to others. They tend to divide opinions in a variety of ways. Some see them as silent and, therefore, a nuisance, while others compliment them, calling them environmentally friendly and convenient. There seems to be no general consensus on any aspect whatsoever.

One thing that some people seem to get wildly wrong, however, is who they are intended. “Aren’t you too old to be riding around on that thing?” “Shouldn’t you be driving a car or using a bike instead?” We are tired of hearing these questions!

Kick scooters are far different from electric scooters. The latter comes with many benefits to adults, so they’re not just for kids. But what are these advantages anyway?

The Obvious Differences

First of all, let’s address the most apparent differences between kick scooters and electric scooters. Kick scooters are, after all, built with children in mind. From the size of the handlebars down to the width of the deck. The weight capacity should also be taken into consideration. An e-scooter is built to withstand much larger people, allowing people of all ages and sizes to get on board. Whereas a kick scooter simply is not.

There are also components that an e-scooter has that a kick scooter does not include, for example, the motor, brakes, batteries, and tyres, to list a few. Kick scooters only share the fact that they have wheels, handlebars, a deck, and a stem. They do not have any hidden extras, so they are an excellent way for children to get out and about.

Due to all these aspects, electric scooters are inevitably more expensive. They are built to a better degree of quality as they offer a lot more in return. You are paying for a high-powered motor vehicle in an e-scooter. As for a kick scooter, you are paying for a human-powered vehicle. There are fundamental differences that determine their price.

It must be noted that there are e-scooters built for children. In the UK at the moment, however, none are included in the e-scooter trials. Instead, you need to be aged over 16 and own a full or provisional driving licence, meaning they are essentially built for adults at this moment in time.

Adult e-scooters, such as the ones we sell, are much more powerful. They clock in at faster speeds, requiring far better handling and increased focus as a result.

The Health Benefits

Adults constantly seek out regular exercise. Electric scooters can therefore help, even in just a small way. Previously, we looked at all the health benefits of electric scooters and found that multiple points are going in its favour. They, most importantly, incredibly impact your wellbeing in the best way possible. Just by getting out of the house, moving about, breathing in the fresh air with (hopefully!) the sun shining down, provide you with powerful endorphins. These chemicals have a positive effect on you mentally.

The fact that you are moving and getting subsequent exercise means that you are actively boosting your immune system. Exercise, however little, will help you fight off colds and diseases in many ways so that you can live and exercise longer.

They are also fantastic for maintaining body balance, motivating you to get involved more in exercising and increasing your metabolism. All these impacts you and your overall health in the best way possible. And who doesn’t want these benefits?!

Adults who have little time in the day to exercise and entertain themselves can turn to e-scooters as the option that provides the best of both. Also, after a torrid time over lockdown, we should be getting outdoors more and experiencing the sunshine. An e-scooter is a brilliant excuse, or incentive, for making this happen. That is needed more than ever.

The Environmental Benefits

Although it varies from person to person, the aim of electric scooters is to reduce the amount of gas-powered vehicles on the road. Some people may use them as alternatives to other green forms of transportation – walking, cycling, the bus. But others use them as alternatives to cars, taxis, motorbikes and mopeds. This is a valid concern for many adults. The environment needs taking care of for future generations to enjoy.

Companies at the head of current e-scooter trials are currently trying to fix the environmental impact they are having on the planet. Tier, for example, has been working towards fueling their warehouses entirely on green electricity, replacing all diesel vans for e-vehicles and have all their e-scooters using swappable batteries. Their operations in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and France already use e-vehicles.

E-scooters are designed to remove the need for using cars and other vehicles for short journeys while also being more convenient than public transport. Lime has prevented more than 50 million car trips so far, equating to more than 17,000+ tonnes of carbon emissions worldwide. Their goal is to double that figure by 2025.

Those of us who use e-scooters do so to have a positive impact on the environment and to promote that to others. And, what’s more, you can bring about environmental change while having fun and keeping healthy.

Easy To Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

E-scooters are perfect for your morning commute. If your work commute is relatively short, then why not opt for an electric scooter instead? Currently, you cannot use private e-scooters on the roads, but the current trials allow you to get a glimpse of how useful they will be when fully legalised on our roads. The ease of just being able to jump on, travel and jump off is phenomenal. You wouldn’t find this level of convenience in a bus or a taxi.

Biking also presents the problem of tiring the rider before they even set foot on work’s premises. On the other hand, e-scooters means you’re not as hot and sweaty going into a meeting. They are game-changers and built with everyone in mind, not just children!

Although they are still illegal on public roads, footpaths and cycle lanes, you can still pick up a private e-scooter today at our store. It will be a fantastic investment as you can get the fun out of it now and benefit from their legalisation in the future! With all the best brands on the UK market, we have you fully covered for all your e-scooter needs!

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