eSkootr: All you need to know about the high-speed electric scooter racing new to 2021!
eSkootr All you need to know about the high-speed electric scooter racing new to 2021!

eSkootr: All you need to know about the high-speed electric scooter racing new to 2021!

On 7th July 2020, it was officially announced that a new electric scooter racing competition would be launching in 2021. The eSkootr Championship (eSC) takes the concept of Formula E and applies it to e-scooters, adding a Tron-like spin to the aesthetic. Set to be held in the coming months, this is the world’s first e-scooter racing competition. Their carbon-fibre S1-X is capable of reaching top speeds of over 60mph!

Who’s behind the competition?

Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi and ex F1 driver Alex Wurz have been involved since the start, along with Khalil Beschir and Dakota ‘Kota’ Schuetz. The team is headed by CEO and co-founder Hrag Sarkissian, who has now brought on board F1 tech legend Peter Wright as well as experienced sustainability commissioner Cristiana Pace and top F1 tech guru Andy Mellor. As a result, the team is constantly updating and populating itself with some of the greatest minds in the modern racing industry.

They aim to establish eSkootr as a well-established brand and promote a number of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. They are:

Safety, sustainability and accessibility are three core elements that are focused on the heaviest. These aspects are fundamental to e-scooters, so it is no surprise that they are being highlighted versus any other category. It’s a good sign of things to come.

How will it work exactly?

The inaugural season will kick off at a series of specially designed urban venues in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan and progressive cities.

A number of professional teams will be put together to use the custom-built S1-X e-scooters, which will see them all battle it out to find the first-ever eSkootr champion. There is no barrier to who can join up either. That means racing drivers, cyclists, skaters, snowboarders, motorcyclists, and even esports racers can all get involved. This makes the eSkootr Championship the most versatile competition you’ll ever see.

Sustainability Ambassador Lucas di Grassi believes races can be held anywhere, and added: “Speaking personally, I want to see us take these events into the heart of the city — an environment where few motorsport categories, with the notable exception of Formula E, are capable of regularly treading — wouldn’t it be fantastic to see eSC races in, say, Brooklyn, or London, in Mumbai or Sao Paulo?”

As such, the series will bring together government, industry and civil society representatives at each venue city to help define policies and practices to build a more sustainable future for urban transportation. eSC wants to demonstrate how densely populated areas can be altered to efficiently build sustainable city networks where e-scooters, e-bikes and bicycles can all share the same space together.

They want to change the minds of those who have been commuting by car for decades.

What are the S1-X’s specs?

Initially developed by Williams Advanced Engineering, the S1-X is built similarly to a racecar in its design and manufacturing. It has a:

  • Carbon-fibre chassis frame;
  • Environmentally friendly natural-fibre bodywork;
  • Bespoke front and rear suspension elements CNC-machined from aluminium;
  • Lithium-Ion battery;
  • Two 6kW motors, one housed in each wheel;
  • Conventional thumb-operated throttle;
  • Torque delivery system;
  • Boost features;
  • 1.5kWh range;
  • Maximum weight of 35kg;
  • 16hp.

What safety systems are being looked at and how?

The acceleration, top speed, cornering speeds and lean angles are constantly evaluated and improved upon incrementally via simulation. This allows the team to fully understand how races will play out and what will need to be in place regarding safety.

On top of that, experts have been brought in to consult on these very aspects – especially since the aim is to race in urban environments. A lot of time, effort and planning go into just these stages. They want eSC to become a platform creating links between users and their traffic environment, cities and legislation, racing and road safety. All of this starts with the consulting, the simulations and the AI for research.

In addition, this will go towards influencing e-scooter tech and rider safety tech. Not only is this good news for eSC, but it’s also amazing news for all e-scooter owners out there. Knowing that there are individuals dedicated to overhauling the system and the UK’s approach to motor vehicles, we could start seeing our privatised e-scooters on the roads sooner than you think. The innovation is there, and it’s highly promising!

What else is there to know?

There has been a lot of announcements since the first announcement of eSC. On 12th August 2020, a pioneering technical supply deal with Williams Advanced Engineering was agreed upon. This led to the development and supply of their race eSkootrs.

Then, on 21st January 2021, Carlin was revealed to be the first official eSC team. They are to run a three-rider squad in next year’s tournament.

A pledge was committed by eSkootr to reach a net-zero carbon footprint by 2022.

Micro mobility Industries were then announced as the 2021 media partners on 29th January, and media initiatives have subsequently been planned.

eSC further told of how it was delighted to become a Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) association member, a not-for-profit group seeking to accelerate sustainability in and through sport.

YCOM became an official eSkootr supplier on 18 March.

It was then confirmed that a high-performance battery deal was struck with Williams Advanced Engineering, making them the sole supplier for all eSkootr entrants.

Umicore further joined, this time as a founding Global Sustainability Partner.

On 5 May, eSC announced that natural fibre composite specialists Bcomp were the new technical partner to design the eSkootr racing chassis.

What next?

Although still illegal on UK public roads, footpaths and cycle lanes, you can still purchase a private e-scooter today at our store. It’s still usable on privatised roads, which means you can have hours of fun uninterrupted! With all the best brands on the market, we have you fully covered for all your e-scooter needs.

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