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Five Reasons to Get an E-scooter for Christmas

Five Reasons to Get an E-scooter for Christmas

It’s that wonderful time of year, with everyone getting ready for the big day! If you’re struggling with what to get this Christmas time, have you considered brightening up Christmas Day with an electric scooter under the tree? 

Fun for all the family! E-scooters are a trendy and stylish gift that will guarantee you loads of fun over the festive season. And, did you know, here at DIRT-E Scooters, we are the leading UK supplier of electric scooters based in Cheshire. 

We only stock the top brands and manufacturers, offering a wide range of styles and designs from the best electric scooters available. Check out our range today! Read on to find out our team’s top five reasons why you should get an e-scooter this Christmas.

1) Enjoyment Factor 

First things first, electric scooters are great fun! The pleasure you can enjoy from their powerful, little engines means no journey is ever too short for jumping on your board. With a whole range of e-scooters to choose from, there is always an electric scooter, no matter what your requirements.  

Cost and value are always substantial when you are considering purchasing an electric scooter, but the feel-good factor holds its weight too. E-scooters have the ability to make adults feel like kids again and make kids feel grown-up and cool. 

It’s a winning present that will lift everyone’s spirits this Christmas. Feel the wind rushing past as you take your scooter out for a spin. And, with such choices available, you’ll be surprised where your scooter can go!

2) Style and Versatility  

Did you know there are lots of styles of electric scooters to choose from? From a light, foldable e-scooter perfect for a commuter, to a heavy-duty, off-roader for those wanting to experience the thrills of uneven terrain. Electric scooters can tick all of your boxes. And, with anything from retro designs to the futuristic, everything is available.

At DIRT-E Scooters, we are in partnership with WEPED electric scooters. Built with performance in mind, this range of e-scooters are designed for speed. With a maximum speed of around 40 mph, these are not for the faint-hearted. Customise your make and model with on-road or off-road wheels, shake-proof suspension and a stylish selection of colours. Find out more about our incredible range of e-scooters here

3) An Eco-friendly Solution

Another bonus with electric scooters, you can experience a biker’s rush without the carbon dioxide emission or noise pollution. You can enjoy your ride without having a negative impacting on your local environment. 

Especially in built-up areas, where parking is congested, and exhaust gases particularly pollute the air pollution, electric scooters are the perfect eco-friendly option for commuters. A car emits, on average, 164.2 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre travelled, an e-scooter does not emit any and consumes very little electricity when charging.

At the moment, current laws and legislations do not permit the use of privately-owned e-scooters on our roads; however, with the larger movement of ‘micro-mobility’ coming into force and the UK Government beginning a 12-month trial of electric scooters in certain areas, the future of electric scooters is promising and, more importantly, green. 

4) Less Waste

Following on the eco-friendly trend, electric scooters in the long-term can also help to reduce waste. If those who choose to ride an e-scooter, take the necessary care recommendations to prolong the life of the battery, then electric scooters become even more eco-friendly. 

Similarly, with the car industry taking a turn towards electric batteries, as the battery recycling process and charging infrastructure finetunes, the hidden pollution levels of electric scooters is further reduced. 

Under your Christmas tree, an electric scooter won’t need any wrapping paper! Tie on a ribbon, get your loved one to close their eyes, and then get ready for the big reveal!

5) An All-Inclusive Mode of Transport

The best thing about e-scooters is they are suitable for anyone and everyone! Children will need to be supervised; but, no matter how old you are, you can jump on your board and enjoy the ride. Even for those who are less mobile, the electric scooter is an excellent way for all the generations of the family to get out together. 

They are also a great way to exercise your core. It may come as a surprise; but, maintaining your balance on your board will engage and strengthen your core muscles, especially when navigating corners and travelling over uneven terrain. Without exerting too much energy, or requiring lots of stamina, a ride on your electric scooter is a great form of low-intensity exercise, which is suitable for everyone.

Moreover, e-scooters will additionally improve your balance. Balance is considered one of the six skill-related fitness components that are associated with health-related exercise. And, for those in their later years, improving your balance is a great way to enhance your health and mobility for years to come, and what better what to do so than taking your electric scooter for a spin.

How about you upgrade your Christmas walk this year, with a family e-scooter ride instead? To check out our range of top-quality e-scooters, visit our website or for more information, get in touch with us today. 

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