For the Commuter: What to look for in Electric Scooters
For the Commuter What to look for in electric scooters.

For the Commuter: What to look for in Electric Scooters

We can’t think of a better way to commute to work than by electric scooter! With an environmentally-friendly electric motor, they are a much greener form of transport than using public transport or your fuel-powered car. Not only that, but they are great fun to ride! What a great way to start and end your day with a good dose of fresh air while you glide through the traffic.

Unfortunately, at this current moment, purchasable electric scooters are illegal to ride on UK public roads, footpaths and cycle lanes. That means any bought from DIRT-E Scooters can be used on private land ONLY for the time being.

With this being said, there are still e-scooter trials taking place across the country, which means commuting via electric-powered vehicles is still a possibility. Just locate one within a trial area, then walk right up and rent it out, providing you have a valid driving licence, of course. All these steps are moving the reality of electric scooters closer.

But, hypothetically speaking, what if we could commute using our personal e-scooters? What should we look out for that would upgrade our commute to the next level?

Well, keep reading for our list of features you should be paying extra attention to!


The first consideration you need to make is the weight of the e-scooter. The more lightweight it is, the easier it will be to carry around when necessary. Not only that, but you may find it easier to control as a result. On your morning commute, the last thing you want to do is have to lug around a big, heavy vehicle everywhere you go. Think ahead and pick up a model which has been built with this very scenario in mind!

Also, take a gander at the maximum weight the e-scooter can handle. Most are built to withstand large amounts, but some are equally not. If the e-scooter detects too much, then it will start to malfunction. Your best bet is to do research and get an idea of how your weight may or may not affect the vehicle. It is imperative that you do this.

Battery Life

Now it is time to think about battery life. Imagine commuting to work, and your car runs out of gas – nightmare, right?! Well, the same can be said for e-scooters and the battery life they have, too. You would have to drag the vehicle behind as you march on foot.

The solution is to compare and contrast batteries of the leading e-scooter brands and see which is best for having a smooth sailing, uninterrupted ride. Don’t forget the commute back from work as well. If your e-scooter has less than half a charge left on the second leg, then you may as well get the bus home! Many of the models cater for this issue in their design.

When looking at battery life for e-scooters, also note the fast charging options available to you. This can make the models with slightly less battery capacity more appealing as they can be charged during work hours, ready for your ride home.

Motor strength

After that, motor strength has to be your next priority. Many, many hills greet us on our way to work, which means that the motor has to exert lots of effort to get you up and over. Therefore, the more powerful the motor, the easier it will be to overcome the hurdle. We all want a smooth trip, so don’t put yourself at a disadvantage!

Pay attention to whether or not the e-scooter has dual motors as well. It may not be apparent in the specifications, but these motors essentially mean you get double the power compared to the one advertised. Motors are built into the wheels to save space, subsequently improving the design aesthetics at the same time. An average model will have around 250W in power, while a more powerful motor will have at least 1000W instead. Again, we recommend going with what you can control the best.


Along with checking the weight, it is also important to know if your chosen e-scooter is foldable or not. Having the option of foldability is amazing! With the handlebars in the upright position, these products are awkward to haul around. Folding them down will save you a lot of energy during the work commute and make them easier to store during your working day.

With the more expensive models, foldability should be a guarantee. These types of products are built with customer convenience in mind most definitely. Some even come with extra parts which you can attach, utilising the foldability feature. For example, the WEPED Fold has a front lifting handlebar so you can easily carry the vehicle around indoors.

Be on the lookout for how compact the e-scooter becomes when analysing this feature as well. The smaller it is, the easier it is for you to handle. Others are built with other aspects that make carrying around these products a walk in the park. Check them out!


For the last consideration, have you ever thought about what additional parts can be attached? For example, electric scooters come with a million and one different features that can elevate your experience when commuting to work. Some may not be so useful, but others are incredible. Perhaps you could do with a bell to warn pedestrians of your presence? Maybe ultra-high luminosity quad-LED white headlights are up your alley instead?

Whatever it may be, making your commute the most comfortable and convenient it can be should be a priority. For instance, the MAIKE branded e-scooters can be hooked up with seats to transform the way you use the vehicle completely. First, review what you think is essential to make the commute better and go from there. Then you can come up with a list of what is needed to upgrade the experience!

What next?

Be sure to browse our entire selection of e-scooters and the parts that come with them at our store. Then, prepare for the day when we’re able to take these beauties out for a spin on our daily commutes to work and benefit from their usability on private roads! With all the best brands on the market, we have you fully covered for all your e-scooter needs.

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