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Gear Up Your Protective Gear Guide

Gear Up: Your Protective Gear Guide

We’ve all been there as kids – riding our scooters throughout the neighbourhood before inevitably tripping, scraping our shins across the dusty asphalt beneath us. What a way to ruin such a great day racing one another to the sounds of birds chirping and cars whizzing past!

Although we may have replaced our once most prized childhood possessions with the latest tech in electric scooters, one thing remains the same: protective gear is essential. Something to learn from back in the day, which may not have gone through our minds at the moment, is health and safety. In London last year, the Met Police reported a sharp rise in e-scooter crashes with some “underreported” due to their illegal usage on UK public roads, cycle lanes, and footpaths. Where able to use them legally; however, it is important to know that protective clothing is vital to staying safe when going at both low and high speeds.


First things first – a good helmet can protect you from all sorts of horrible, sometimes even fatal, injuries. If you were to lose control at any point due to the surface being uneven or a pesky pothole getting in your way, you could be in danger of hurting yourself. Make sure to bring your trusty helmet to protect yourself not only when accidents occur but also prior as some offer visors which can keep unwanted dirt and other substances from getting in your eyes!

A number of different options are available in various styles, colours and sizes, so be sure to shop around using our handy info below. There are full-face helmets, such as Enduro and Downhill, as well as Motorbike and Motor-cross helmets, which offer the best possible protection for your noggin! There are also half-face helmets available such as Mountain Bike Trail helmets (also known as MTB helmets). Finally, there are helmets that protect the top of your head, such as Road Bike helmets and Skate or BMX helmets.

We have sorted the helmets into three categories – least, more and most protective.

Least Protective – Skate or BMX / Road Bike helmets

Starting at the lower end of ‘best possible’ protective gear, we have Skate or BMX helmets which generally offer protection to only the top of your head. When riding your electric scooter, you need to be sure that you are protected to the fullest standard as the speeds you can travel at are much higher than what you can achieve with a Skateboard or BMX. These helmets are usually reasonably cheap and, if you are on a budget, we recommend you go for these types of helmets for riding your e-scooters at lower speeds. They can do their jobs at protecting your skull, and therefore the brain, but for complete protection, there are better products out there.

More Protective – MTB helmets

Mountain Bike helmets are usually more reliable than Skateboard or BMX helmets due to the added layers of protection they have since they are designed for a more dangerous outdoor sport. Products such as Lazer’s Compact DLX helmet come with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which replicates the brain’s own protection system with a low friction layer that reduces rotational forces in case of a crash – neat, huh?! MTB helmets also tend to be more comfortable and have better ventilation than Skate/BMX helmets, as well as being lighter as a result of their construction. However, there are a select few better helmets on the market for e-scooter riders to check out.

Most Protective – Enduro / Downhill / Motorbike / Motor-cross helmets

Ask anyone in the electric scooter business what they think is the best protective gear for your head, and for sure, they would say full-face helmets. You can find quite a few styles which offer different results – Enduro, Downhill, Motorbike or Motor-cross – they all do a good job so long as you find the right brand. Fox provides a variety of different styles at certain price points, and each is designed with the rider’s safety in mind. In addition to protecting your head, these also protect your face from cuts and bruises whilst keeping the dirt out of your eyes. We simply must recommend these to all our e-scooter enthusiasts!

Protective Armour

Moving further down the body, the next pieces of protective clothing we implore you to seek out are either a set of elbow pads, knee pads and shin pads; a body armour suit; or a motorcycle jacket. Your limbs could be at risk of damage when taking a tumble, so it is wise to pad-up as much as you can to stay safe – it will also add to the look and feel of being an e-scooter rider too! It is entirely up to you which one you choose as they all offer similar results.

Set of elbow pads, knee pads, and shin pads

If you are not too bothered about sticking out like a sore thumb, then pick yourself up some external padding for elbows, knees and shins – the three main areas of impact where it is difficult to come out unscathed. Remember when we used to cut and scrape ourselves as kids with our classic scooters? Now imagine that, but at a much worse rate following a 50km/h crash. Electric scooters pick up a lot of speed, as you, of course, must know, so any protective clothing, whether it be as little as these external pads, can make a whole lot of difference.

Body armour suit

As for body armour suits, protection is provided all over the body with elbow pads and shoulder pads built-in. What’s more than that is your spine and chest are also protected with padding, something that the other set of pads do not give you. This also comes with the added benefit of breathable technology, which should be comfortable to wear whenever riding your e-scooter. In our opinion, the suit pairs well with a good, sturdy, full-face helmet and gives off the type of vibe that we all want people to see! There are lots of different options from the suppliers below.

Motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets are usually CE rated and are similar to body armour but with a different vibe. They are typically water and windproof, especially helpful for adverse weather conditions, and are most of the time comfortable enough to wear even when not riding your electric scooter. Imagine how cool it would be to whizz around with one of these beauties on! There are so many options to choose from that we couldn’t recommend just one! Many have a multitude of colours, sizes, materials and levels of protection at your fingertips.


Finally, a reliable pair of gloves should help with both protection and grip – two levels whereby you are protected from both damages to your hands and loss of control on an e-scooter’s handlebars. Usually, there is a wide assortment of gloves suitable for the likes of Motorcycles and BMXs, but gloves designed for Motocross are better for electric scooters. They offer the best protection with their padding but could be quite bulky for some. If lightweight gloves are your thing, then check the countless MTB gloves out there. We would recommend as much padding as possible.

Final notes

And there you have it – our recommendations for the protective gear you should have (or already have) when preparing to ride your electric scooter for the first time. Remember, the more padding, the better! Premium products out there are arguably more reliable and last longer on average than cheaper products, but if you are on a budget, it may be wise to find something better for the bank balance!

If you’re looking to update your electric scooter ahead of your new outing, we can help! Here at DIRT-E Scooters, we have an incredible range of leading electric scooters that includes the best-selling brands. To find out more about how to find the perfect scooter for you, check out our e-scooter buyer’s guide. Our experts are always on hand to offer you help and advice, give us a ring on 0151 662 0231 or send us an enquiry form on our website.

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