Get your Wheelie On! Learn how to wheelie on your E-Scooter
Get your Wheelie On! Learn how to wheelie on your E-Scooter

Get your Wheelie On! Learn how to wheelie on your E-Scooter

There are a whole host of skills and tricks you can learn on skateboards, bikes and kick scooters. But you never really hear of people attempting any on electric scooters. The obvious reason being that it is “too dangerous” with the top speeds they can reach and perhaps the fact that many people use these machines for commuting purposes only.

Whatever it is, you just won’t see the equivalent of a Tony Hawk or Mat Hoffman on one of these beauties! Of course, there are differences – the glaring one being the motor.

Although this may be the case, it doesn’t mean that people haven’t at least tried. For example, on YouTube and social media, you’ll find e-scooter enthusiasts experimenting to see what’s possible. That is exactly what has led to the invention of the e-scooter wheelie. How is it performed, though? And how can you avoid injury while doing it?

Start small and build up confidence.

When beginning to learn how to wheelie, you won’t take to it naturally – that’s for sure.

Instead, look to get a feel for the e-scooter first. Knowing what you have to work with, its limitations and possibilities, is the initial step you should make. Learning how to wheelie takes more time and effort than you may think. So to ensure you don’t fail off the bat, practice by trying a wheelie while stationary. Place your dominant foot on the back of the deck with your other foot on the ground, and then pull back on the handlebars while throttling. This should see your front wheel lift off the ground.

Keep giving it a go until you’re comfortable with longer distances.

It’s all about control and balance.

Steady hands and legs are key to finding that perfect balance. If you are to shake due to being nervous or scared, your e-scooter will veer to one side, and you could end up crashing. So you need to control your body to control the vehicle.

Once you are confident using your non-dominant foot to act as a brake, you can move onto using the back brake while balancing with one foot off the ground. Check this video out by Jaden K. Watch how his leg hovers. That’s what you need to practice. It may look like he’s showing off, but he’s actively trying to keep the front wheel in mid-air.

Know your limits.

You should always be aware of your speed while performing these tricks. If you go too fast while doing a wheelie, there is a chance you lose control and collide with someone or something. That is why you should refrain from doing so pretty much altogether.

Our fastest product – the WEPED FS – can reach up to an impressive 74 mph. If you’re travelling at that speed while doing a wheelie, you’ll flip right back and smash your skull.

The level of skill you’re at will determine whether you’re able to do wheelies for long distances or not. Keep practising and practising so that you can get to the level of the pros, then dazzle people with your skills once you’re able to do so!

Learn from some of the best in the game.

Still unsure on how you can do it? Check out some online video tutorials via YouTube to see the exact mannerisms and techniques you can add to your wheelie popping game.

This step-by-step video guide from Wheelie Kay should give you a pretty good idea:


Beginners will, of course, benefit, but others who are more familiar with an e-scooter or wheelie will also be able to improve even further. Not everyone is perfect, you know. Referring back to this video every now and then can be useful and helpful if needed.

Always remember to prioritise Health & Safety.

Whenever you ride a bike, you wear a helmet. So why not on an e-scooter? Riding an e-scooter is more dangerous due to the motor attached to it. That is why you need to wear headgear and body gear as a motorbike rider would since they aren’t too dissimilar to one another. The only differences are a slight lack of speed in the e-scooter and the standing up factor versus the sitting down in the motorbike.

Refer to one of our previous blogs – Gear Up: Your Protective Gear Guide – to stay safe and healthy.

How can we help?

Although still illegal on UK public roads, footpaths and cycle lanes, you can still purchase a private e-scooter today at our store. Freely use it to perform your newly learnt wheelie trick on privatised roads! With all the best brands on the market, Dirt-E Scooter has everything you need to be able to have hours upon hours of great fun.

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