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Hobbies You Need to Try in 2021

Hobbies You Need to Try in 2021

Now that we’ve entered a new year, and we still have a lot of time on our hands due to the current lockdowns, it’s the perfect time to explore new interests and hobbies. There were several popular hobbies in 2020, including gardening, baking and calligraphy. Of course, all of these activities can be done from the comforts of your home.

As this year has started with the same boundaries, it’s time to start thinking about other hobbies you can begin to enjoy. Electric scooters for adults are an excellent way for you to make your daily exercise that bit more exciting, and they allow you to focus on something other than what’s happening in the world. Read on to find out our top five recommendations for hobbies that you need to try in 2021.

Brewing Beer

While staying at home is as important as ever, you need to make sure that the hobbies that you take up in 2021 are suitable for your surroundings. That being said, what about brewing beer? Granted this is one targeted more at the males, but nonetheless, an activity that gets your brain working and tastebuds tingling. 

There are several online beer making kits that can help you kickstart your at-home beer brewery. We’d also class this as one of the creative hobbies to do at home as you’re essentially making something from scratch, and adding a personal touch to it too. Beer and chilli go, right?

Flying Drones

This one is for you tech-lovers. Flying drones has been the craze over the past several years, and for a good reason too. Who doesn’t want to get beautiful shots of the countryside while you explore a new place? This is an ideal hobby to take up in 2021, as all it requires is you to get your walking boots on and explore without risking your or anybody else’s health and safety.

Start googling your area and find the most picturesque places to video. Don’t forget; drones take some practice, so make sure you know exactly how to control yours before you start flying it! Head over to PCMag for their top drone picks for 2021.

Arts and Crafts

This one was certainly a popular creative hobby in 2020. Whether we’re talking embroidery, painting, sand sculpting or candle-making, there are so many ways for you to get crafty. Creative activities are a great hobby idea if you like to focus on a project for an extended length of time, or you’re thinking of starting a small business. By creating a product that you’re proud of, you can then advertise it and see what feedback you get.

If it all goes well, why not make some extra pocket money? Etsy is a seller’s site dedicated to creative souls who want to sell their handmade products, the ideal place for you and your creations.


Do you have a set of skills or a level of knowledge that could benefit others? Then do so! Creative hobbies are great, but if you could make the difference to children or adults that need extra support in their studies, now you have the time to help. Tutoring is also a great way for you to earn extra cash, just as long as you deliver the results your students need to proceed in their subjects.

If you don’t necessarily feel that you have the right expertise to teach, don’t forget that there are people out there who need English support. A simple subject for you, but not always for them. 

Electric Scooters for Adults

Why buy an electric scooter you ask? They can benefit you in more ways than you think. Not only are they a nifty gadget that you can customise to suit your preferences, but they also give you another means of transport when getting out of the house. If there are areas of your town that you haven’t yet explored, get your exercise in and learn how to ride an electric scooter.

That’s not where the beauty of an e-scooter ends. They also allow tech-lovers to maintain a piece of equipment. Whether that means cleaning it, making sure it’s in working order or adding LED lights, an electric scooter can keep you a lot more occupied than you think.

Are you on the lookout for an electric scooter in the UK? Here at Dirt-E Scooters, we are an authorised dealer of electric scooters. We have the knowledge, experience and passion for ensuring that every client we sell to is given the best possible customer service, and more importantly, the right wheels for them. 

You may be wondering what the wrong wheels are, but in actual fact, each of our scooters offers different accessories, speeds and specifications. Therefore, we’ll ask you what you want out of your electric scooter before you purchase. To find out more about our fantastic scooters for adults and how they can help you have an active year with a fun hobby in 2021, contact us today.

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