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How to Stay Healthy This Spring

How to Stay Healthy This Spring

Spring is nearly upon us! The nights are starting to draw out, and the trees are beginning to show a green hue. After a cold and bleak winter for many, exacerbated by the loneliness of lockdown restrictions, the thought of brighter mornings and evenings is a welcomed step closer to the new season. And, with that in mind, it’s time for some Spring health tips!

Please keep reading for five easy ways to Spring clean your health with our handy wellbeing tips.

1) Eating Healthy

Dieting. It’s a word that none of us likes and even fills some of us with dread. Sometimes jumping in at the deep end with strict diets and food restrictions will never end well. 95% of diets are destined to fail with most regaining their lost weight with 1-5 years, and 65% of those who persevere and complete a fad diet will end up gaining all the weight they lost. 

Cutting down on all of your favourite foods may benefit your health in the short-term, it can have a negative effect on your mindset towards healthy eating and be more damaging in the long-term. Instead, the motto you want to remember is, ‘everything in moderation!’

By allowing yourself some treats throughout your week, not only are you more likely to stick to your healthier regime, but your morale towards healthy eating will be boosted. Lockdown has been tough on everyone, and that’s without taking away the occasional takeaway or biscuit with your mid-morning tea. The key is to be sensible. 

For your other meals, look to include more fresh fruit and vegetables and set yourself the challenge of cooking from scratch during the week rather than turning to a jar. Did you know preserved sauces and ready-made meals contain ridiculously high levels of sugar and salt? The average amount of salt in UK ready meals has reduced by 45% over the last four years; but, there is still a way to go. CASH (Consensus Action on Salt and Health) found that the average salt content was 1.8g of salt per serving, which exceeded the British Heart Foundations maximum serving per 100g.

But you can easily reduce these levels. By chopping up fresh ingredients and throwing them into a pan, you can recreate these ready-made sauces with minimum effort. And, if you’re not a particularly confident cook, vegetable stir-fry is a great, one-pot way to get the goodness you need! 

There’s no need to give up meat or dairy for long-periods unless you want to. Why not adopt an achievable ‘No-Meat Monday’ instead? These more manageable challenges encourage you to try new foods as you explore meals minus the meat! And, they are not too tricky that your attitude to healthy eating wavers. 

2) Work Hard/Play Hard

With more people than ever working from home in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many have found it exceedingly difficult to achieve a healthy work-life balance. As our boundaries blur, the majority of us are struggling to know when to stop.

A survey by Aviva discovered 40% of workers felt work was seeping into their home life in February 2020, and by August, this figure had shot up to 52%. It is difficult to draw the line, especially when more of us have to take on homeschooling alongside our day jobs. However, there are a few things that can help. 

Our first top tip is to designate an area or room in your house for your work. Essentially, creating a mini home office. Ensure that your papers and the equipment you need to carry out your job remain in this space. Then, when lunchtime rolls around, take the time to leave this space and do something different, even if its as simple as sitting in another chair. Give yourself the change of scenery. 

Our next piece of advice is to stick as closely as you can to your regular working hours. It is easy to get engrossed in your work and sit at your desk in the evening. If you adopt our healthy eating ideas, by designating time each evening to cooking a healthy meal from scratch, you can effectively manage your time at work.

3) Managing Stress Levels

Work-life balance lends itself nicely to our Spring wellness tip number three, managing your stress levels. From everything that has happened last year, it is no wonder more people are beginning to struggle with their stress and anxiety levels. In order to be healthy all-round, you must prioritise your mental wellbeing too. 

Managing your wellbeing and actively finding time for reflection and calm does not just been meditation. Meditation is a great way to shut out your busy day-to-day and pare everything back to your breathing, but this technique isn’t for everyone. Simply getting out and about in nature every day can be just as beneficial. In fact, it has been proven that spending at least 2 hours in nature over the week has a direct link with good health and wellbeing.

There has been a lot of research into how nature can improve mental wellbeing, and how watching the wildlife come and go in your garden has a similar effect to meditation. By taking just 5 minutes to appreciate your outside space, your stress levels will fall, and you will begin to unwind.

If you’ve got children you could incorporate making bird feeders and bird boxes, even bug hotels into their homeschooling to encourage the wildlife in your garden. Then on your coffee breaks, you can escape your desk and lose yourself in nature right outside your window. 

4) Walking or Cycling to Work 

Even if you are working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can still add a morning commute! By waking up half an hour maybe even an hour earlier, why don’t you fit in a short walk around the block or jump on your bike before you start work? You’ll be surprised how even such a small amount of time outdoors can really lift your spirits and set you up for your day.  

If you wrap up against the cold mornings, many feel the fresh air clears their heads and leaves them alert and ready to go when they ‘arrive’ at work. 

5) Daily Exercise

Whether it’s a walk, a run, a cycle or even HIIT class in your lounge, there are plenty of ways to get your heart pumping and for you to physically feel healthier this Spring. However, have you ever considered an e-scooter to help you exercise!?

It may come as a surprise, but an electric scooter can help add to your fitness regime! Yes, it will always offer a different style of workout to a jog or higher-intensity activity; but, e-scooters are a great way to engage your core strength. 

Standing on the board of an electric scooter requires balance and will call your muscles into action. Key areas which strengthen are the muscles around your stomach, back and pelvis. When these muscles get stronger, they can help prevent back problems from arising in the future. Moreover, your supporting thighs and glute muscles will also be put to work in maintaining your balance and stability. 

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