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Meet Our Range Of Weped E-Scooters

Here at DIRT-E Scooters, we believe our customers should never settle for mediocrity when it comes to their favourite products. That is why we are proud to offer our extensive range of Weped E-Scooters and parts – one of the best brands on the market for reliability, performance and safety. You are guaranteed high-end quality with Weped as well as a joyful journey at top speeds, experiencing the blistering winds coursing around your body and in your face.

Browse Our Weped Line-Up

Our exclusive partnership with Weped allows us to bring their amazing products all the way from South Korea right to your front doorstep in the UK. These models are designed with every aspect in mind, from speed and versatility to tiny details such as design intricacies and tyre size, which can make all the difference to performance.

Weped SMax

This sleek, stylish model will be sure to turn heads as its gunmetal exterior will catch sunlight in the most remarkable looking ways. The SMax boasts a decent 60V battery with 15AH, which will comfortably give you plenty of rides over a long period of time. This is supported by a standard charge time of 16-17 hours, or, with the fast charge option, a significant reduction to 6-7 hours.

Whiz past other e-scooter riders with a top speed of 50kph. Weped’s combination of a 1,000W peak power rear hub motor and thumb throttle allows you to reach these top speeds whilst also handling with precision and care. Coming in at 23kgs, the SMax’s lightweight design is perfect for those weighing in under 120kgs – with this aspect giving the extra benefit of easy storage.

Safety is also a priority for Weped. The SMax’s top-of-the-range front and rear X-Tech disc brakes as well as X-Tech front and rear rotors will allow you to stop the electric scooter with ease, giving you the peace of mind that you are safe when coming to an abrupt stop. The 10″ x 3″ tube tyres are also reliable when it comes to your next ride as they are fit for their purpose.

The Weped SMax comes in at £1,299. It is covered by a 6 Month Warranty and 1 Year battery cover as well as the extra benefit of free shipping to Mainland UK. Check it out here.

Weped Fold

Next up is the Weped Fold, our mid-range budget option for those looking for a little more ‘oomph’ in their e-scooter. The Fold differs in many areas from the SMax. You will first notice its all-black finish, which is a popular choice for many when it comes to design. It also comes in at a heavier weight of 32kgs and is larger in size. It even comes with a programmable Weped deck logo LED, allowing you to change its colour, speed and patterns with a click of a button.

Performance-wise, the Fold excels with a max speed of 70kph. The 60V battery gives you 30AH, a max mileage of 100 km and a climbing grade of 75%, depending on rider weight and state of charge. Speaking of the charge, the time it takes to charge fully is 17 hours with a 2.0 amp standard charger and 7.5 hours with 4A. Also included are 3,600W BLDC dual hub motors.

Its front and rear drum brakes, with the availability of electric brakes and the front and back shock C type inverted suspension, mean it is well-versed in stopping safely and reliably. It also has a water resistance rating of IP65, meaning it can withstand some water and perform safely. The 10″ x 3″ tube tyres have excellent grip on surfaces, therefore making them safer.

The Weped Fold comes in at £3,099. It is covered by a 6 Month Warranty and 1 Year battery cover as well as the extra benefit of free shipping to Mainland UK. Check it out here.

Weped FF

Our top-of-the-range model is the Weped FF – a beast of an electric scooter that is sure to beat many on the market on various aspects of its design. The stealth black finish is similar to the Fold, but the FF is more powerful in almost every category. To house this extra power, its weight is heavier at 34kgs, supporting a max load of around 160kgs. However, it is used as a ‘race scooter’, meaning its dimensions are smaller than that of the Fold.

The race scooter can get up to an impressive max speed of 90kph. This is supported by a massive 12,000W motor and 67V for 30AH, allowing for max mileage of 100km depending on rider weight and road conditions. The charge time comes in at 17 hours with a 1.7 amp standard charger or 7.5 hours with a 4A. Its climbing grade is 75% depending on rider weight and charge.

The NUTT hydraulic disc brakes for the front and rear ensure maximum safety in terms of stopping. Since the FF is built to perform like a racing e-scooter, it needed the best brakes possible to handle the speed at which it can travel. A front and Rear shock C type inverted suspension is included as well as a thumb throttle for control and 11″ x 4″ tyres for great grip.

The Weped FF comes in at £4,400. It is covered by a 6 Month Warranty and 1 Year battery cover as well as the extra benefit of free shipping to Mainland UK. Check it out here.

Spare Weped parts for your every need

Finally, we have categorised all the Weped parts and accessories that you will need to keep your SMax, Fold or FF model looking top-notch and brand-spanking new.

Light Set and LEDs

If you are looking to spice up your Fold or FF model, try out the Weped Front Garnish light set or the Weped Rear Garnish light set. Fit these light sets onto your e-scooter and add colour in areas where needed. You will soon be catching the eyes of the onlooking public.

Similarly, take a look at either Weped Spirit Beast 15W light (ice blue) or Weped 5m LED strip light if you would like to personalise your particular e-scooter model.


Electric scooters need charging, and we have options to suit your Weped model. The Weped OEM 60V Charger is excellent for standard charging, whilst the Weped Fast Charger does exactly what it says on the tin!

Also, do not forget to pick up a Weped Charging Connector if you have not done so already – it is needed, so think about getting one. We also sell the Weped Samsung Battery 21700 Cells 60V, an essential piece of equipment to buy if you need a new battery for your e-scooter.


Handlebars are essential. Therefore, it may be worth picking up a spare such as the Weped Folding Handlebars, which can come in handy if something were to go wrong.

For ease of use when loading your e-scooter into your car, think about getting a Weped front lifting handlebar. This product is helpful as e-scooters are heavy for most people to lift around a simple but effective spare part. So, make it easier for yourself and get one of these.


Like cars, it is always useful to keep a spare tyre or two lying around ready for when needed. You never know when they may get damaged, and a new one is better than a repaired one. Look at the Weped FF PMT Tyres, the Weped Fold Tyres or the Weped Inner Tube.


If you need any other spare parts just in case, then it is always good to keep spare Weped controllers for either your FF or Fold models or even your LEDs. We have the Weped LED Controller, Weped Fold Controller and the Weped FF Controller in stock.

Hub Motor

For your Weped Fold or FF to run at full capacity, look towards keeping a spare hub motor lying around in case the current one malfunctions or is unable to be used anymore. The Weped Fold Hub Motor or the Weped FF Hub Motor is what you need for either respective model.


There are many other spare parts available for Weped models. We believe you may find these useful: Weped DC Converter, Weped Gold Pin, Weped FF Power Kit, Weped Throttle. Whatever the problem is, we should have you covered with our wide range of spare parts!


Last but not least, we sell accessories you can buy to rep Weped if they are your favourite e-scooter company! Choose between either curved or flat for your very own Weped Hat/Cap and even pick up a Weped reusable face mask for use during the pandemic.

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