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Must-have accessories for your E-Scooter

Must-have accessories for your E-Scooter

Buying an electric scooter does not just end at the device itself. Instead, most look to improve their overall experience with accessories that are useful for a myriad of different reasons. Without said accessories, it would be harder for many people to get behind the practicalities of using an e-scooter. However, products do still offer up problems that need solutions. This is why you see a whole host of add-ons from third parties pop up.

From shoulder straps to protective clothing and everything else in between, we have identified all the accessories you may need to level up that e-scooter game.

As we delve deeper and deeper into Autumn, it will be worth your time to check these out since they could help you avoid any hassle or stress while riding during these colder months. So if you see any you like, be sure to go out and pick it up. Then share your set-up with us on social media to see how prepared you really are!

Carry Straps and Lifting Bars

E-scooters are heavy; that’s a fact. It can be tough for many of us to lug around one of these vehicles, especially in and out of the car. That is why you should consider picking up a carry strap or lifting bar to help out when desperately needed.

A carry strap is first attached to the handlebars and front downtube, then able to hoist over your head for carrying. It can be adjusted just like a bag strap can be.

A lifting bar is perfect for loading the e-scooter in and out of the car with ease. Instead of struggling and sweating trying to lift it by yourself, use this accessory in the future.

Check out: Weped Front Lifting Handle Bar for your Weped FF or Fold.

Security Lock

Next up is an accessory that can ensure the safety of your e-scooter. Security locks have been used in tandem with bikes for many years now, and it’s time for people to do the same with e-scooters. We, of course, recommend you store your e-scooter somewhere safe indoors whenever you can. But sometimes, this isn’t at all possible.

If that is the case, then security locks are the accessory for you. With one of these in place, a criminal would either have to break off the extra-strong hardened metal lock or damage the scooter/rail it’s attached to in order to walk away with it. And if they’re smart enough, they will know to leave it completely alone and try somewhere else.

Smartphone Holder

Just as a car user benefits from GPS, an e-scooter rider can too. Fitting a smartphone holder to an e-scooter will give you a better experience of getting from A to B on a daily basis. Obviously, you should refrain from using your smartphone at all times, as you would in any other vehicle. But when lost, it will prove to be a massive lifesaver.

It will allow you to keep control of the vehicle as it’ll stop you from fidgeting and stopping to get it out of your pocket every five seconds! In addition, the smartphone holder is easy to set up and use, leading it to be one of the more sought after accessories you can find.

Check out: Phone Holder for use on any brand of e-scooter we sell.


An essential accessory for all e-scooter riders, a helmet is your bread and butter.

Don’t leave the house without it! Helmets have proved time and time again to be one of the most useful accessories around, saving lives and preventing accidents from turning even worse than they have. Of course, we shouldn’t have to tell you to buy one, but it is important you do anyway. Think of the benefits it brings and the consequences without it.

Refer back to a previous blog – Gear Up: Your Protective Gear Guide – for more info.

Protective Clothing

Pairing up with helmets are the various sets of protective clothing available to you. It may be a combination of elbow pads, knee pads, and shin pads or a body armour suit, motorcycle jacket and gloves. Assess your options and decide how much coverage you would like. The more, the merrier, we say! And you’ll end up looking cooler as well.

Many may not choose to pick up a set of protective clothing, only thinking that their heads are in danger. But there are countless occasions where it really does help.

Looking for anything else?

Although technically illegal on UK public roads, footpaths and cycle lanes, you are still able to purchase an e-scooter today at our store for use on private roads only. This means you can have hours of fun uninterrupted instead! With all the best brands and products on the market, we have you completely covered for all your e-scooter needs.

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