The Best Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers - Dirt E-Scooters
The Best Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers

The Best Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers

Christmas will soon be upon us! The season of mince pies, gaudy jumpers and Bublé is back! With celebrations looking a little different this year, and some of us unable to get together with our loved ones, why not send your tech-loving family and friends the best Christmas gifts to lift their spirits. 

Read our guide for the very best Christmas gifts for your tech lovers. From the latest gadgets and gizmos, we’ve covered all the angles for the gadget-obsessed people in your life. 

Over the year, the small and large organisations alike have been desperately keeping up with the rapid pace of new releases. Despite the many lockdowns throughout this year, there are more new gadgets than ever; we have still been able to invent, grow and develop, regardless of whatever challenge is thrown our way. 

From the outlandish to the high-concept, even the downright handy. All with unique ways of making our lives more efficient, in some cases, safe, and, of course, injecting a whole load of fun. And, for those who are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and effect on our environment, we’ve got them covered too.

Scroll on down for our top ten best tech gifts for gadget fans. 

Christmas Gifts for all Tech-Lovers


Self-Sanitising Water Bottle


The popularity of reusable water bottles and drinking cups have gone through the roof over the last couple of years. And now, due to the current pandemic, we are all more aware of our cleanliness.

The LARQ Bottle is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. Using a UV-C light in its cap, the inside of your bottle can be eliminated of  99.9999% of bio-contaminants! Whilst, at the same time, offer excellent insulation for hot or cold beverages. 

Bluetooth Smart Pen and Notebook Set

For those who are torn between the old-fashioned aesthetic and the revolutionary technology, the BlueTooth smartpen and notebooks set is the perfect combination—a fusion of the pen-and-paper aesthetic and the digital world with Moleskine’s smartpen. 

Blow their minds with an ink-filled pen that can simultaneously track what is being written, uploading the content, so it is accessible across a range of electronic devices. A great piece of tech for those at University or equally working from home.

Moon Ultralight

This bit of tech is a fun accessory that clips onto your smartphone; emitting an adjustable glow that ensures all your selfies and videos have the most flattering lighting!

Wireless Smartphone Charging Station, complete with UV Sanitiser

This charging station is an ultra-cool piece of tech that allows your Qi-enabled smartphone to charge without the faff of cables, while also bathing your device in UV light, killing off all the bacteria from the day. 

Oblio’s Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitiser is a great first for the tech-lovers who have everything. With its sleek and minimal design, the bucket-shaped charging station can blend into anyone’s home.

Christmas Tech Gifts for the Home

Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

MOODO’s Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser is a great device that combines technology with a spa-like sanctuary. This device enables the user to mix their favourite scents and set them to be released automatically from an app-controlled fragrance diffuser. 

With four themed scent capsules, it allows home-lovers to experiment, creating their very own fragrance to enjoy around their home sanctuary.

Harvest 360 Indoor Garden

This gadget allows everyone to enjoy a little bit of Mother Nature in their home. Harvest’s self-watering and self-lit planters are game-changing! You will never need to worry about over-watering and finishing off your plants ever again. 

DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Another Christmas gift for those who have everything! Enjoy a beer on draft in your own home! Fizzics figured out a way for anyone to serve their brew of choice on tap. Their dispensers are a great addition to any kitchen, and can transform your favourite bottle or can!

Gifts for the Thrill Seekers

WEPED Electric Scooter


If your tech-lover is a lover of speed, why not treat them to a WEPED electric scooter this Christmas. Built to perform, this range of e-scooters are capable of maximum speeds in excess of 40 mph, and have more than 60 miles of range! Weighing only 75lbs, these electric scooters can get your from A to B, and back again in no time! Find out more about this incredible range of scooters on our website


Or perhaps an Electric Bike?


For those looking for a way to get a biker’s rush whilst also ‘going green’ in the New Year, why not purchase your loved-one an incredible electric bike for their Christmas gift. Just as powerful as the WEPED range, the Stealth Bomber E-bike is not for the faint-hearted. With a 12000W V3 Motor, these electric bikes can achieve speeds over 110 km/h, whilst still offering a 60-mile range. 

This incredible machine is custom made for DIRT-E Scooters; please phone us for more info.

And, of course, don’t forget your safety!

Keeping on trend with our tech-themed Christmas gifts, how about a Loop Collapsing Helmet. Not quite the traditional form of ‘tech’ but a great gadget all the same, and so useful! It is comfortable to wear on a long bike ride or e-scooter ride, and completely collapsable. When you’re out and about, simply collapse your helmet to store in your backpack rather than carrying it around. 

For more information about electric scooters, check out our blog Alternatively, check out our range of top-quality e-scooters for more Christmas inspiration. As always, our expert team are on hand to answer any of your e-scooter questions, give us a call on 0151 662 0231 or send an enquiry through our website.

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