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The Best E-Scooter Brands On The Market

Like with any investment purchase, taking your time to research the best brands is always a vital step. You want to ensure quality, durability, a long lifespan and of course, affordability. That’s where we come in; in today’s article, we’re going to deliver you with the best electric scooter brands in the UK in 2021 to help you make your decision.

With over 7 million Brits said to have purchased an e-bike or e-scooter last year, we can only imagine electric vehicles such as these will stay in the hype in 2021. And with brands such as MAIKE, WEPED & BRONCO, you can remain confident that our stocklist is full of only the best.

1) MAIKE E-Scooters

The first best electric scooter UK brand in 2021 is MAIKE. MAIKE is very distinctive in its style of scooters. They have a heavy tech-inspired vibe to their exterior and range from slower speeds to extremely powerful motors. 

This combination makes this brand very inclusive and preferred by the industry. An example of the best selling scooter by MAIKE is the MAIKE SGT. This scooter is one that’ll definitely make you stand out with its vibrant LED lights and gold paintwork. 

The SGT model combines the highest specs with a dynamic battery life, all produced by a Samsung battery. This model is the best electric scooter for adults who enjoy an off-road experience. And, we are talking motorcycle-grade quality with A5 air suspension, spring suspension, and two brushless 2500W motors. All these features allow the SGT to climb inclines of up to 60 degrees.

We have several other models in our product list too, including the MAIKE KK5, MAIKE MK8 and MAIKE KK10S 11″ which all range in size, price and functionality. If you want tips on how to purchase the right e-scooter for you, head over to our previous blog. 

2) WEPED E-Scooters

WEPED is a brand that holds simplicity and sleekness. Their scooters’ compact design makes them one of the best electric scooters in the UK in 2021. Their easy-to-use elements and simple aesthetic is what makes them stand out from the rest.

For instance, the WEPED Fold is one of the best electric scooters in 2021 because it’s compact and foldable, while still reaching speeds of 43mph. You can expect 17 hours of recreational fun with a WEPED Fold

3) BRONCO E-Scooters

Next on the best electric scooters in the UK in 2021 is the brand BRONCO.  BRONCO scooters take the effective designs of usual scooters and add that futuristic element that keeps them looking modern, fresh and a must-have tech gadget. 

The BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport 72V, for instance, is one of the best electric scooters for heavy adults. With its 8400W motor and 80 miles of speeds of up to 70mph, you know that your new hobby will be exhilarating, powerful, and adrenaline-full. 

4) Stealth E-Scooters

Last but not least, we have Stealth E-scooters. Stealth create some of the most fantastic electric scooters on the market. They make the best budget electric scooters that are a little less high-spec but are still a great way to introduce yourself to this innovative technology.

Here at Dirt-E Scooters, we don’t currently stock any Stealth scooters; however, we do sell their Bomber E-Bike which takes all of the impeccable qualities of an electric scooter and enhances them in a bike. With a rear brushless 12000W motor and speeds of over 68mph, this bike will take your treks to a whole new level.

It’s aesthetic is very much robotic and futuristic-inspired with the same great structure as a pushbike. We recommend this model for those who prefer a much dirtier-tracked route when out and enjoying some fresh air. 

Have we inspired you when buying the best electric scooters in the UK in 2021? We hope so! Here at Dirt-E Scooters, we make it our mission to sell only the most high quality, rated and aesthetically pleasing e-scooters and electric bikes on the market. 

With our extensive knowledge in the field, we can pair you with a scooter that fits your needs and wants. Whether you like the idea of exhilarating speed or you simply want an e-scooter for the whole family to enjoy while you explore your local woodlands, we will make sure that you’re sold an electric scooter that ticks all of your boxes.

If you want further information on our current e-scooters or bikes, or simply want an in-depth chat about the incredible brands we sell, get in touch with us today. We know our electric scooters, but we also know what makes excellent customer service. Plus, we just love a good natter.

Head over to our website to find our contact form or failing that, call us on 0151 662 0231, and we’d be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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