Weped - Dirt E-Scooters


Experience the feeling of freedom with the wind in your face where you are just loving life on your new Weped Electric Scooter.


Weped electric scooters are built to perform. With maximum capable speeds in excess of 40mph, more than 60 miles of range, and a weight of only 75lbs, Weped will get you where you need to go... fast!


Safety is always on our mind. Featuring massive dual drum brakes coupled with independent front and rear electric brakes you will stop when you need to. A comfortable platform to stand and extra wide tires keep you stable even at a walking pace.


Weped scooters are built to perfection and only use top quality components. From best in class batteries to top of line controllers, Weped scooters will be with you for years to come.


Using Samsung SDI’s new INR21700 50E standard cylindrical battery cells was the perfect choice for the Weped.  Being only slightly larger (21 mm in diameter and 70 mm in height) than 18650 battery technology yet having 50 percent greater capacity, its size is optimal for maximizing power output as well as battery life.  Power delivery is linear and consistent, and it is now possible to have a 60 volt 30Ah battery in a small and relatively lightweight package.  This will give you up to a 60-mile range on your Weped with no voltage sag.  Weed’s expected battery degradation is best in class at about 75% of the initial capacity after 3 years of use (roughly 800 cycles).


Massive drum brakes coupled with independent front and rear electronic braking and extra wide tyres (Fold – 10×3, FF – 11×4), provide best in class stopping performance.  Not only do they stop well, the brakes are very easy to tune and are virtually maintenance free.  Bent rotors are a thing of the past!  An added benefit is also the extra juice you will gain back on long descents with regenerative braking.  Add a little bling to your ride with some wheel LED’s!


Our 4 Link Dampening Front Suspension and Rear Bushing setup give you a plush ride on rough roads and when the pavement ends.  This patented technology not only soaks up the bumps but also allows for an extremely solid stem with little to no play.  Our unique pin folding mechanism locks the bars and wheels in position when folded making it easy to carry and stow away.


The warranty starts on the date that the scooter is received and is valid for 6 months (battery cover is 1 year). Customers must be able to provide proof of purchase for warranty coverage.  Replacement parts are available for sale after the warranty period is over.


1. The Scooter

2. All Weped Accessories

3. Charger


1. Tires / Bearings / Bushings / Grip Tape / Lost screws are considered wear and tear items and will not be covered.

2. Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, or improper storage.

3. Cosmetic damages like (but not limited to) scratches.

4. Damage caused by unauthorized repairs/modifications of the product.

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